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Local Economy

BAILEY COUNTY - State Ranked 19th in Products Sold and 8th Ranked Milk Producing County in Texas 

Muleshoe is the agricultural shipping center of Bailey County with farm supply manufacturing and feed processing plants playing major roles in the local economy. Muleshoe is the heart of a thriving dairy industry hosting 16 dairies within a 15-mile trade area as well as 2 major beef cattle feed yards.

Muleshoe also serves as a trade center for surrounding rural communities. The BNSF rail runs through town and the city sits at the intersection of 3 major highways. This makes Muleshoe a great location for manufacturers looking to ship out their products and retailer selling to both local and transient customers. Muleshoe boasts over 250 bussinesses, providing a simple and perfect balance of town and rural space. 



Property Tax
Taxing Entity*Tax Rate / Per $100**
City of Muleshoe0.7825
Bailey County0.9061
Muleshoe ISD1.2937
Farm to Market Road0.1275
High Plains Water Dist0.006398
Hospital District0.3916
*Application of these taxes depend on the location of business or home
**All Property is Assessed @ 100% Valuation
Sales Tax
CityCountyStateSpecial Purpose
1.25 %0.5 %6.25 %0.25 % (Economic Development Corporation)
Total Sales Tax: 8.25%
Effective as of 2019 https://www.bailey-cad.org/